Monday, January 18, 2016

Peasant Bread

1 c rolled oats (mill to fine flour in food processor)
1/4 c buckwheat
1/2 c whole wheat
about 5 c white flour
2 1/2 c warm water
1 T molasses
1 T honey
1 T brown sugar
2 T active dry yeast

In a large mixer bowl, whisk water, yeast, honey, molasses, brown sugar until blended. Allow to sit and form a foam on top.
Process rolled oats, buckwheat flour and whole wheat flour in food processor.
Attach dough hook and add food processor contents. Start mixing, stopping occasionally to scrape bowl and dough hook. Start adding flour 1 cup at a time, mixing and scraping bowl and dough hook as dough forms. Once dough begins to come together and is climbing the dough hook, stop and roll out onto a floured table. Knead by hand turning dough in on itself. Put vegatable oil in a large bowl. Roll dough ball in oil and flip over into the bowl. Cover with a towel and set aside in a warm place to rise for 1-2 hours until doubled.
Punch down dough and roll it out onto a floured table. Coat with some flour and knead a bit. Roll into a cylinder. Use a sharp knife to cut the roll in half. Hand knead on half of the dough and turn it into itself to form a smooth ball. Place each ball on a baking sheet covered by a baking mat or parchment paper. Use a sharp knife to cut a cross on each loaf. Coat with egg mixture and sprinkle with oatmeal.
Bake at 375 F for 40 minutes or until the loaves sound hollow when tapped.

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